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Thanks so much to everyone who made Blink Nation such a successful social community! Here at Blink Nation, we have come to recognize the limitations of a service geared toward connecting blind people with no involvement from the sighted world. Our developers have discontinued the social networking capabilities and are working toward adding accessibility features to social networking platforms uniting blind and sighted communities.

In the meantime, please enjoy these accessible games and activities found on our site.

On behalf of Blink Nation,

Dustin Bray

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Funny / Crazy Media

iPad April Fool's Prank This is a hilarious prank played on an unsuspecting news anchor.

Drunk Alphabet Hmm, I didn't learn it quite that way in kindergarten...

Bathroom Shark Be sure to put paper over the seat, and always remember to check for sharks.

Obama has a Computer?!? Who would have guessed that the president of the United States has his own computer?

Crazy Weather Guy What's wrong with this weatherman??

Incredible Dog Rescue Tsunami dog rescued after 3 weeks at sea.

What are old people coming to these days? 92 year old woman attacks man for not giving her a kiss.

Parrot Rocks Out What you are about to hear is a parrot singing "Bodies" by the alternative medal band Drowning Pool.

Combat Undies Blast proof underwear could help save lives.

Computer Repair Scam Exposed This undercover report will make you think twice before giving your laptop to a repair shop.

Leslie Nielsen Funny Moments Remembering one of the greatest comedians of all time...

Interview with a Surfer A surfer is interviewed on the news and goes off on some kind of incoherent nonsense. Can you understand what this guy's saying??

Eating My Cookie Alberta Canada's Health Services President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Duckett, is unable to talk to the media because he's eating his cookie.

Food vs. Profit Turns out America's food industry is even more messed up than we realized. Warning: this video may make you mad.

More media...


Memory Challenge your mind in this auditory matching game.

Mastermind The classic code-breaking game

Echo The computer plays a pattern of sounds, and you have to match it. (Note: you may need to temporarily close out of screen-readers to play this game. JAWS is know to interfere with the game's key strokes.)

Blind Duck Hunt We're putting guns in the hands of blind people! You and your sarcastic dog head out on a hunting excursion. Listen for the ducks, and use the home-row keys (a through semicolon) to fire. Best played with headphones. (Note: for those using screen-readers, you may need to temporarily close your software to play this game. JAWS is known to interfere with this game.)


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April 26, 2011
Thank you for your patience as the Blink Nation site has been undergoing complete renovation. We're hoping to design a much sleeker environment with new features, including more options for our low-vision users. Sorry for the interruption in service as we gradually transition to a completely new version of the site.

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